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Reasons to Consider Visiting Myanmar

Myanmar is very beautiful and has many temples some of them which were built in the 6th century and the people are very cheerful and friendly and as a tourist one may enjoy drinking green tea.

There are many beautiful pagodas and the best way of knowing the city is to use the tour operators who have vast knowledge about the country and they will also take you to different places where one can taste the different variety of Burma food which is unlike the menu one is used to and the tour guides are very responsible and sensitive to the needs of the tourist and going to holiday in Myanmar is an excellent idea since there is value for money unlike many other tourist destinations in the world.

When on holiday in Myanmar one may trek to the Kengtung village and also visit the temples where one is required to dress in a conservative way by removing the socks and shoes and one may be happy to know that there are many other western tourists you may meet at restaurants and hotels and more off the m at big sights of tourist tracks.

It is wise to pack lightly even though there are responsible porters who will help with the luggage and you should leave the sleeveless tops and shorts at the hotel because the requirement for visiting the temples is to wear the traditional clothing and if there is a boat trip one may need to have a book to read handy but back at the hotel there is wifi and one may get to use the internet and it is important to know that the dollars that the tourists use in Myanmar helps in developing the country and also in reducing the environmental impacts.

Myanmar is a nice place for people who are used to beaches because one may get to see the rough edges and terrain of the country and the people are gentle and enchanting and the countryside is very beautiful with vibrant crafts and impressive markets and the tour make include a walk in the hillside and enjoy using the bamboo stick and drink green tea, enjoy seeing the weaving of back strap and watch the meal getting prepared and the holiday may be better if one took the hot balloon at Bagan and see the magical rolling of the mist and the impressive temples below and at Nyaung one may enjoy the tasty lunch with very delightful dishes.

It is as usually very important to have small denomination dollars instead of the local Khats for tips since there are many porters who will assist to carry your luggage as well as the drivers and it is a good idea to donate some little money to help conserve the weaving skills, boat building and the environment and you may have to note that the local people always have smile on their face and they have a very optimistic future and they are also very friendly to tourists.

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