Doing Uniforms The Right Way

What to Look for When Buying a Chef Apparel Chefs have a special kind of uniform that gives a feeling of contentment every time wearing it. You will be recognized apart from the other kitchen staffs. Some workplaces provide their own uniform while others do not. If you are buying a chef apparel, it is very important to make sure that it provides the professional appearance and comfort you want. Whatever your workplace is, your uniform should be in appropriate style. Before you rush in the market to buy your own chef apparel, below are the things you need to know. Learning about them allows you to pick the right chef uniform. 1. Begin with getting your own double-breasted chef coat. Chefs are often known because of the kind of coat they are wearing. You can opt for a gray, black or white, depending on your personal preference. Nowadays, tailored coat designs are very popular for both men and women chefs. You can choose a shorter or longer coat, as long as you feel comfortable with it.
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Since there are different coats available, you have to know the essential features you should be looking at. First, the material should be a breathable cotton for utmost comfort. When it comes to the buttons, it should be secure and stylish. Accessory loops and pockets should be placed in the most convenient location. To keep your arms and hands free, the coat should include fold back cuffs. The coat should also include mesh back panel, shoulder vents and fitted design making you feel comfortable.
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2. Next, you should look for comfortable chef pants. Houndstooth is a very common pattern. Other popular options are onyx, gray and striped chef pants. The color of the pants should be darker hiding stains and other dirt. The fabric should be resistant to stain and breathable. It should also comes with pockets at the front and back area so you can store anything. 3. Chef aprons are used for protecting the chef coats. Choosing one with bigger coverage is ideal. Vinyl aprons are ideal to wear in a heavy duty and messy kitchen environment. You can also have a nylon apron over vinyl ones since it is perfect for everyday kitchen situations. It should have neck and back straps which are adjustable. 4. Chef hats will make a complete chef uniform. You should pick an eye-catching hat that no other staffs are wearing. The main function of the hat is to keep your hair while doing the process. Your hat should include a skull cap, crown ball cap and dramatic beret. Of course, it should have a classic appeal with a traditional puff. Now that you already have an idea what a complete chef uniform is comprised of, you can start your shopping experience now!