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What Is Life Like Without Alcohol?

There is an old saying in regard to alcoholism “I used to get the mail, now I don’t get the mail anymore”. This is a true testament to how debilitating drinking too much alcohol can be over time. When you are drinking too much and you know it, one way to gauge how much of a toll alcohol is taking on your life is to take a look at the progress you have made over the last year. Progress in areas that are very important to you.

Have you been drinking too much for the past few years? In order to accomplish the past few years, you should learn how to look back to your accomplishments. Did you set goals for yourself? Did you want to get a better job or to move to a better place or take your relationship to the next level? There are also other goals that you wish to continue doing like the short-term goals. You may wish to improve your life with these simple joys and smaller things. Losing that weight you put on, getting in shape, saving up for a car you wanted, or spending more time with your friends.

How did you score on the accomplishments you set out for yourself? Don’t you have any motivation that keeps you to move forward?

Alcohol can really affect you and your goals that you have set in your life, thus, it is really important to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if alcohol helped you in one way or another. If you hadn’t been drinking so much alcohol, would you have been in a better place at this point in time?

When we want to make progress in our lives, we don’t always reach our goals in the time frame we set for ourselves even when sober. We should keep in mind that drinking is not the solution to our problems, in fact it can make it worst for it can make us spend too much money, inefficient in our work, lose ground our physical appearance and it can even make us irresponsible that it can result to a pile of problems that we can face in our day to day life.

Knowing the effects of alcohol to you is really important and you should learn how to ask yourself these different questions, in that way, you will come up to your own realization. If you don’t see how big the problem is, and many times we don’t, you can’t take the measures you need to take to get your life under control again.

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